We’ve Rebranded! From Pendulum to ThePsychedelic

After a lot of searching (and a bunch of work on the back-end), we’ve pushed our rebrand from Pendulum to The Psychedelic.

This move helps align our increasing focus on psychedelics and how they can potentially help not only those that suffer from bi-polar disorder, but everyone in the world with a range of conditions. While this started as a bi-polar resource, we’ve become fascinated at the potential that psychedelics represent in the medical world.

While this is a new direction for our brand, you can expect the same great content from the team as you have previously known. We’ve got great thing in store, and we’re very excited to share this rebrand with the world (finally)!

Thanks for coming along on this ride with us. If you’re as excited as we are, you can jump right in to some of the great new content we’ve published: